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3034331044 Nigel Clayton

Professional business coach Ultrapreneur Success
Work 4900 W. 29th avenue, suite #9 4900 W 29th Ave, Suite 9 4900 W 29th Ave, Suite 9 Denver CO 80212 United States Work Phone: 303-433-1044


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Nigel Clayton has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. He is a C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant) and has owned his own accounting firm for over 25 years.

Nigel is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has owned his own Business Coaching and Mentoring company for over 15 years.

Nigel has the unique ability to see where you are in your business and where you are as the business owner and help you connect the dots, discover how you and your business can work in harmony, and you can create the business and the life you really want.

“I created Ultrapreneur Success when I discovered that by using all of the tools I learned to become a CPA, they did not always create success for my clients. Even though we might look at their business model, their systems, making sure they had the right people in place, etc. these were all tangible things for the business. What about the business owner? What makes the business owner tick, what were they afraid of, what limiting beliefs did they have, etc. I became aware that there was much more to creating entrepreneurial success than just writing a business plan and having enough capital. There were intangible aspects that were as important and even more important than the tangible aspects when it came to entrepreneurial success.

Most entrepreneurs start out with excitement and passion and sounding like Tony Robbins. But after some time they become overworked, overwhelmed, feeling trapped and like life sucks and they have become business owners. These business owners have a 90-95% failure rate. Why? Ultrapreneur Success helps you understand why and how you got to where you are and how you can transform from being The Egopreneur and Entrepreneur to become the Ultrapreneur. The Ultrapreneur only does what they love to do and has other people and systems in place to do those things they don’t love. The Ultrapreneur has created harmony between their business and their life. I wish you Ultrapreneur Success!”


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4900 W. 29th avenue, suite #9 4900 W 29th Ave, Suite 9 Denver CO 80212 United States