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B2B Accelerator Group

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Date(s) - September 11, 2019
9:00 am - 10:00 am
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CWCC Office

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Costs for Networking
Members: free
Non-Members: Guests may visit any group twice prior to making a commitment to join.


B2B Accelerator Group is a new B2B (Business to Business) initiative at CWCC, designed to help members grow their businesses by sharing best practices and referrals, and by connecting B2B business owners and decision-makers with corporate procurement opportunities and business services available from other B2B companies.

Group Objective:
To grow the group to 30 members, build deep relationships through group and one-on-one meetings, and pass as many referrals as possible at each meeting.

Member Benefits:

  • Building deep relationships with other B2B companies in the Denver Metro Area
  • Access to some of Denver’s most influential B2B leaders
  • Find new business opportunities
  • Learn best practices from other B2B leaders
  • Receive group input / solutions for your own current business challenges
  • Ability to present to the group
  • Announcing events to the group
  • Posting your own company’s procurement/service needs
  • Having voting rights in leadership of the group

Who should join?
B2B Accelerator Group membership is B2B-only and filled with like-minded professionals who want to help each other’s business grow.

Members who will benefit from this B2B Accelerator Group:
Decision makers of B2B companies that do business with other companies (instead of consumers and end-users). Example:

  • Business Owner of a management consulting company
  • Senior Managers and Directors of a commercial bank
  • Etc.

Members who will NOT benefit from this B2B Accelerator Group:
Business owners and decision makers of B2C (Business-to-Consumer) companies, that provide products and/or services primarily and directly to the end-users and consumers. Example:

  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Owner of A Personal Insurance Agency
  • Retailer Owners and Restaurant Owners
  • Etc.

Member companies might be architects, product manufacturers, printers, IT providers, consulting firms, marketing firms, law firms, engineering firms, wholesalers, etc. Any lower-middle size business in the Denver Metro Area that sells to other businesses is a potential member company.

If you are interested in participating in this CWCC group, please contact Jeannie Clinkenbeard at [email protected]com  OR contact Yan Zhang at [email protected] for more information.